Thursday, November 1, 2007

When Will I See You Again?

Nur Aqilah Balqiss

When we opened the house door, we could hear the eery silence inside the house. It felt so empty now she is no more with us. Not that she was making much noise when she was here. She broke into the occassional childish cry only when she was hungry. Otherwise she would be as quiet as any other baby. Whatmore if she was sleeping. My wife and me peered into the room that she was usually sleeping in. We saw the empty bed that her mum used to let her lie down when we were not holding her in our arms. She is not there anymore.

Barely an hour ago that Nur Aqilah Balqiss flew off into the blue sky heading for Kula Lumpur and later to Labuan and we are missing her already. We had been anticipating this feeling and thought even before she was born. We know we were going to have her around for just a few months at the most. We were prepared for this moment and yet we couldn't take it.

Our youngest daughter was 7 months pregnant when she came back from Labuan to deliver her first child. She had to come back early since her pregnancy will prevent her to fly when the due date was too near. Since this was her first delivery, she wanted to do it back home where we could be close to her when the time comes. The husband would come back later when the time was due for her to deliver.

At 2 days old

Nur Aqilah stayed in Perdana Specialist hospital for another 2 days after her delivery. Since the mother was still weak from the delivery, and my wife teaches on most days, I have to do the bathing of the baby every morning. My experience with newborns like my first nephew and later my own child has made me a sort of expert in handling babies of such a tender age. Later when the baby was older and the mother was stronger, this job was taken over by the mother with coaching from her mother and me.

Giving her a bath

Since I am retired, I dont really have much things to do around the house. The baby was like a gift to keep me occupied everyday. Feeding him with the bottle is one of my job since the mother didn't lactate immediately after her birth. When the mother produces sufficient milk, bottled milk was alternated between breastfeedings. I made sure that the baby received the colostrum, that is the first milk which contains a very rich concentration of antibodies essential to the health of the baby later in life. Many people are ignorant about the importance of feeding their babies with the first milk. My own daughter didn't know too until I have explained the details. Without this antibodies the child would be susceptible to disease later in life.
The doting parents was bent on giving their child the best formula milk. The best may not be always the best for a newborn baby. Compatability is important. As such the baby developed constipation which needed to be resolved with the use of laxative introduced via the anus. The mother then agreed to a change of ordinary milk powder that she herself was fed on when she was young. The change to 'Lactogen' not only cost her much less but solved the problem of constipation with her baby.

Later the baby was infected with nasal infection which resulted in nasal congestion. She had problem sleeping.We were often disturbed from our sleep with her incessant crying due to the nasal congestion. Both me and my wife will wake up and alternately cradle the baby to get her to sleep. The change in position helped her with her breathing problem. We tried to change her sleeping position so that she will sleep on her stomach with her face facing sideway. Azini wasn't confident as she feared that the baby maybe suffocate if she were to fall asleep herself and if Balqiss were to change her head position downward against the pillow.

This sleeping position gave her some respite when having nasal congestion.

The next day we took Balqiss to Perdana Specialist Hospital to have her checked and there they tried to suck out the phlegm blocking her nasal passage. Even that didnt help her much. I presume one of the nasal passges was blocked by inflamation. Luckily she responded to medication after a few days and was able to breathe normally which helped her with her sleep and also the mother's own need for sleep.

At two month old, she had already exceeded by a kilogram over the normal baby's weight of a two month old baby. Most of the clothes bought for her which was supposed to fit babies of below six months became too tight for her. So were the nappies.

Look what the doting grandma gave her.

All these while Lokman the father, had to be away since Balqiss was about a week old. The plant where he was working in Labuan was having a major shutdown for maintainence and his presence on site was much needed. Later an explosion occurred at the plant. I was shocked to read about it in the papers since Lokman didn't mention about it at all in his many phone calls and sms to his wife. He didn't want his wife to worry about it. That accident costs a worker's life, the welder. Something that never happened before in the history of the plant.

After the maintainence work at the plant was completed Lokman was granted 3 weeks leave to comeback to see his baby. From that day we started the countdown for the day when Balqiss will be taken back to Labuan which will be on 23rd October 2007. As a trial we allowed Lokman to take Balqiss to away to his parents home which is just less tan 10 km from our own home.

When Idilfitri came on 13th October 2007, we had full house when all the children and their children came home not only for the Eid but also for Azuan's wedding. After all these years we were all united again. We made do with all the discomfort of a full house. Since not all rooms were not fitted with air conditioners, some families had to suffer the discomfort of a slightly warm rooms with fan only accompanied by pesky mosquitoes which managed to escape from my electric mosquito swatters. Without fail I would religiously swat those mosquitoes to smitheren with the assistance of my older grandchildren who love to hear the sound of mosquitoes being zapped. At every zap, they will shout 'yea dapat'. Even the two and a half year old Razin Irsyad joined in the fray much to the consternation of Fatthiyah who was scared that her many precious glass and crystal decorations adorning the house would also be destroyed in the process.
If you are wondering what a mosquitor swatter looks like, wonder no more. It's made in China with a built in rechargeable battery. The handle can be seperated to become a torchlight. It is priced at RM15.80. There are other versions of course which come with different price.

After the wedding reception on the 16th of October, the exodus began. Azrin and family had to leave that very night as he had to work on his coming exam before he could renew his pilot licence. He left that night after all the presents for the brides were opened. Razin Irsyad was most involved with the opening of the presents.

Next to go was Azura with hubby Joe and their two girls Nuralya Jazleen and Nurfarhana Jazreen. They went by the Cameron Highlands route with a nightstop at the highland resort. The next one to go was The Brides Azuan and wife Wan Hanizah. They flew home by AirAsia on the evening of 19th October. Azuan's in laws were there too at the airport to to see the couple off.

The final one to leave was Nur Aqilah Balqiss and her parents on the 23rd of October 2007. It was their being going to Labuan that made it so difficult for us to let them go. If only Labuan is located at the southern tip of peninsular Malaysia, it won't feel so heavy on us. At least I can drive to Johor and hop across to Labuan by ferry if it is so located. But alas Labuan is at the tip of Borneo which is across the China Sea. Of course I have to fly there. Upon checking on the internet, it would cost at least RM600 per pax to cover both the KBR-KUL and KUL-LBU sectors for a return flight. Still too expensive even on a no frill airline for a retiree living on a government pension like me. Anyway it is still too soon for us to visit them in Labuan. We will wait abit longer. At least by then Balqiss will produce a giggle when coaxed and not just the silent smile that she managed to give us thus far. That will be reward enough for us to travel that distance to see her.

The Smiling Balqiss

We missed the other grandchildren too. Come November 25th, I will be with the 'Budak Puchong' in Taman Amanputra, Puchong to stand in for their nanny who will take a month leave to visit her parents in Sumatra. After 4 years away from them while working for my daughter Azura, she definitely deserved the break. 'Budak Puchong' was the term Nuralya Jazleen used to proudly call herself when talking to her friends in the Taman Amanputra neighbourhood. While there I will be able to visit the three 'Budak Labu' in an enclave at Enstek, in Labu, Negeri Sembilan next to KLIA. I wont also forget to visit the newly wed at Brunsfield Riverview Apartments in Shah Alam to see whether Wan Hnizah has been affected by the feeling of throwing ups as often happen to mums to be.

Azini with daugther Balqiss

Tokma Fatthiyah on the last day with grand daughter.

Balqiss latest picture sent via MMS on 31st October 2007

All the grandchildren with Razin Irsyad, the only grandson not wanting to be photographed after a scolding by his dad for being naughty.

The other grandpa during the 'Bercukur Ceremony'


Azura said...

That is why i wish when mum retired, both of you will stay nearby to all of us. However, it is understood that living in Klang Valley is too hectic. It is so different compared to living in Kelantan. Furthermore, we will not have any kampung to go back too.
I ask Lokman whether he can request for transfer to KL. He said it will take maybe 2 years more. At least, we are not that far away from each other.
We all love you both mum n dad........

Zawi said...

Moving to near you all will be a good idea. I think we should get one in Amanputra so cos I like it there and the price is affordable. Can help keep an eye on your chldren too. Lets plan for it in 2 yrs time. By then Lokman can decide where to buy his house.
Thanks for the visit dear.

Anonymous said...

Hello Zawi, when babies are born, God has Angels to love and care for them, grandparents.

Zawi said...

Auntie Annette,
Good morning. Thank you for visiting. I never expect you to come so soon. You are an early riser. Definitely we are the Angels to look after them.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Salam Pak Zawi
First time dropping a note here, altho' I've been visiting your blog quite regularly. My wife, also named Azura, was so thrilled that she was successful in giving Elham breast milk exclusively for the first six months, despite her heavy workload and no maid to assist since we returned from Riyadh in June 2007. But Alhamdulillah, we just got a maid a few days ago. And finally, Happy Belated Birthday dan Semoga Allah SWT Lanjutkan Usia Pak Zawi.

Rita Ho said...

What a delightful post, Zawi. The love you have for your family is so apparent in your words. You are also the first man I know who not only take such delicate care of babies but understands their needs in formula and nutrients, some more look forward to the duties!! Salute!

My mom goes through the same sad emotions whenever my youngest nephews leave after a visit. They live in Melbourne. What my sister did was set-up web-cams on both sides. It isn't the same thing but helps somewhat. She uses Skype connections which is free. Try that, Zawi?

I am sure you took a lot of pictures of the re-union. Happy viewing!

Zawi said...

A Malaysian In Riyadh,
Thanks for visiting. Now I know who is the visitor from the middleeast that is visiting my site based on my sitemeter.
Its good that Elham had mothers milk even though its just for six months. I was trying to recall somewhere on a Malaysian blogsite somewhere where the first milk was wasted on the husband and the wife wrote that the first milk tasted yucky. Thats due to ignorance that the baby mayhave missed the colostrum meant for the baby.
If your wife is Azura then she must be about the age of my daughter 30 plus. Its that time when that name was so popular for a girl and Azrin for a boy as I gave my for my next child.
Thanks for the birthday greetings.

Zawi said...

Rita Ho,
Good Evening (It's evening in Duvall). I am happy you find the posting delightful. I guess not many would like something so sentimental. Only grandmas and grandpas will encounter such sentiments at the tail end of our lives especially when we have only the two of us to keep company. Sooner or later one of us will meet our maker and the one remaining will find it even more difficult to avoid from being lonely.
It was out of need and interest that I learn up many things about babycare. Once I attended a course with 60 other mothers and fathers who couldnt answer the speakers question on how to test the temperature of the water in a container before bathing your baby. Most came up with suggesting the use of thermometers. I was the only one who answered it the way the speaker wanted, the use of the elbow.
As to the technology, I am up to it all. I have skype, yahoo messenger, window messenger and before I used to have ICQ, with a beautiful number 18080696 with a good video camera to boot. Its the other side that lacks them. Only my son Azrin has a broadband connection. My daughter Azura will have one soon because I told her that I will die of boredom if I were to stay in her home for a month without getting connected to the net. The one in Labuan too doesnt have internet connection. I hope they will get connected soon.
Thanks for reminding anyway. I guess you wont know how advance this old man who started being on the net from a far flung remote town of Gua Musang in Kelantan. After Kota Bharu, Gua Musang was the next town provided with broadband connection because the underground cable to Kota Bharu from KL had to pass through the town. Rita, its nice to be able to brag sometimes. Thanks for giving me that chance hehehehehe.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Pak Zawi,
My wife Azura who is also the eldest in the family has only one brother. His name is not Azrin, but Azuan. But she has a male cousin about her age (30-something) and his name is Azrin. Yes well done Sir, you hit the bull's eye. Thank you for the insight.

zaitgha said...

Pak Zawi,

your posting reminded me of my late dad. He was at ease with very young babies too, no qualm of him bathing and changing a day old baby. He was very close to all of his 26 grandchildren( last counted just before he passed on)...good thing that all of us staying within KL except my youngest brother in Perak, thats only 3 hours drive anyway...and as for me i just shifted to seremban last year...and used to travel KL Seremban daily before i decided to stay home...

if you came to Puchong, let me know ..maybe we can have coffee if time permitted he he( since u nak jaga cucu kan)

one more thing, i always admire IT savvy people, and you u know what, my good friend is a 57 year old woman he he...very IT savvy too...salute to all people like you

Zawi said...

A malaysian in riyadh,
What coincidence! I have all those names in my family, Azura, Azrin and Azuan. Didnt she happen to have Azini too among the family members? It would be interesting if she does.

Zawi said...

When we bathe our children or grndchildren, we touch them and rub them. Thats how we get physically close and which in turn will result in closeness when they grow up.
Visit your place for coffee? That will be wonderful. Consider it accepted. Will give you a message when time is near. Will do it from my son's place since he lives in Enstek, Labu somewhere near Nilai. Afterall Seremban is close from there. But you will have to prepare tea for the cucu's too as we will move around in families.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Pak Zawi,
Afraid there is no Azrin. But Azlin yes. Her other sisters are Azyanti and Azila. Her other cousins are Azra-e and Azali.

Do you happen to know Nik Nor Bi, an English teacher in Pasir Mas? Her family and my-in-laws were neighbours in Pair Mas at one time.

Can we also invite ourselves to your house next time we're back in Pasir Puteh?


NaNa said...

Pak Zawi,

Your family is blessed to have you as father/grandfather. Reading your posting, I can feel the love you have for your family and the best thing is you are not shy to admit it openly.

When I was growing up, very seldom arwah my dad showed his emotion and feelings... at least not in front of us. He was seldom around, anyway... always busy. I remember the first time he showed a bit of his emotion and my mum called me to inform about that (My mum cooked my favorite dish.. ikan patin masak tempoyak. When he saw that airmata dia bergenang and he said.. Nana likes this dish... that was during the first couple of weeks after I went to the States to study).

But then after he retired he slowly let his guard down... maybe because dah ada cucu.

Elviza said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Oh, my heart felt so heavy after reading this posting. I could feel your sinking heart in letting your precious g.daughter fly off to Labuan.

Such feelings will only be felt by doting grandparents. Your grandchildren are very2 lucky.

When I walked down the aisle few years ago and later when Luqman was born, I wished my dad was around to see the huge turning of events in my life. But God loves him more.

Pak Zawi, when I go back to my grandma's place at Kg. Tendong this Raya Haji, I will try to bring Luqman to see you. At least, he can have a substitute in you.

My father in law is a working expat in Indonesia. We see him once a year. Luqman doesnt even recognise him the last Raya. Sigh.

pB said...

Salam Pok Awi ...

wah , sumo ke'chek baso orghe putih dalae ni.

pB ke'chek bahaso kito , tak por , deh...

Tok Ma ada 7 cucu.
4 puae , 3 hero.

Stakat ni , alhamdulillah , tok ma tok rajing lagi lar jauh dengae cucu cucu dio. Sebab tok ma memae duduk dengae pB ....

btw , anok anok pB pun 'budak - budak Puchong'

Azura said...

For Nana,
My siblings and me are blessed to have such great parents. My childhood was full with healthy activities. We played sports every evening which i can't do the same to my kids here. My dad (Pak Zawi)teached us all kind of sports. We have all kind of basic skills which i thanked him for his time and effort.
We don't have the same luxury time living in KL. Too bad

Zawi said...

a malaysian in riadh(Amir)
You are most welcome to visit my house in Pasir Mas. We can consider ourselves as family friends now. My house number is 09 7903785. Call us when you are in town. We will be glad to have you here. Come on a Friday or Saturday as my wife will be free.
I am afraid I dont know Cikgu Nik Nor Bi in Pasir Mas. Perhaps if you could name which school she was teaching I could trace her from there.

zaitgha said...

of course Pak Zawi, who ever with you is welcome and would be catered for ha ha ha cewah....yer yer jer

i will have milo for the young visitors....let me know nanti ya...

Zawi said...

My daughter Azura has answered your comment for me. Thanks Long.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Yay, that's great, will give you a call first when we're in the vicinity.

Zawi said...

That was a very touching piece of comment from you. Please do bring Luqman over. I will fool around with him here to let him feel how to have a grandfather. We could even gather in my daughters place in Puchong or in my sons place at Enstek Labu after my temporary migration to KL after the 25th of November. Pick your choice of place convenient to you.
Didnt know your root is in Tendong, thought it was Kuala Krai.

Zawi said...

Terimo kasih kerana sudi ngunjong. Sebenarnya Pok Awi suko kecek oghe putih sebab Pok Awi takut bahasa tu karat dan tak ingat lagi. Rugi kalu hile gitu sajo.
Mujo la kalu Tok Ma dok ngan pb gat. Dio buleh tengok cuc ari-ari. Sin Pok Awi dok dua oghe ngan Tok ma jah. Cucu-cucu dok jauh belako. Kalu ada rezeki ingat nok beli rumah kat Puchong tu so supaya dok dekat ngan anak anak. Tak guna dok jauhan gini sakit deme nyusah ko anok anok pulo. Cuma mok cik tu tak berapa suko dok KL bab dia serabut. Tok apo lamo lamo beso la.
Hehehe budok Puchong kat mano tu pb? Cucu Pok Awi kat Amanputra tu. Lo ni pon Pok Awi tak reti lagi jale nok gi ko Amanputra tu. Banyok doah traffic light keno litas. Kat ngan 10 raso nya.

Zawi said...

Consider that accepted. The taste of rendang chili padi still linger on my tounge. Your recipe but cooked my style with Azura.

The Ancient Mariner said...

I do envy you. None of my 4 kids seem to want to get married yet and give me grandchildren. Cakap pasal kahwin, masing2 buat duh ...

Perhaps this is why I blog. haha.

Zawi said...

Thats rather sad. Maybe they havent found the right partner. Maybe you have to play matchmaker sometimes. Some children are shy to meet up the opossite sex when the question of marriage is involved and those that are around them dont seem to fit their bills. Another problem is the prohibitive cost of weddings especially if done in the city, unless the parents are willing to foot most of the bills. I am lucky cos I live in small town like Pasir Mas where holding a small wedding is OK. We didnt spend a fortune for the marriage. We consider it is better to spend after the marriage where starting up a family will incurr more important expenses.
At 57 all of my children are married and I get to play around with grandchildren who are adorable. Nothing can compare to that joy of seeing your grandchildren growing up. If need be I will beat my grandchildren like I beat their fathers or their mothers when they were young (when they were naughty hahahaha). Yet to apply though.

Akmal said...

Salam Pak Zawi

I'm still waaaaay tooo faaaar from being a grandad. Though, i think i kind of understand your feeling.

Being apart sure is a pain. But people said that it will make more love.

Zawi said...

Definitely you are still too faraway. The first step is to get married. Have you done that? If you are not ready, better dont rush into it. Be prepared for it.

elviza said...

Pak Zawi,

I was born and raised in Kuala Krai. My dad was then serving KTMB.

Mama is from Kg. Tendong. We left Kuala Krai long ago and to my mom's place - Kg. Tendong.

Small world kan?

Rita Ho said...

Hi Zawi ... morning here now, a very chilly one - 37*F or 3*C. Brrrr! Just wanted to say your bragging makes great reading, so please continue. :)

I am going to visit a pair of new-born twins this evening. Will ask their parents how they test the water in the bath container. Haha!

You are indeed IT savvy, way more than me and I live with an ex-Microsoft employee, near their Campus. Is ICQ still around?? I met many friends through their service.

Enjoy your weekend, Zawi.

Zawi said...

Yeah, small world. Drop by when you are in Tendong. Its very near since I am only in Kg Kasa.

Zawi said...

3 deg C? I wont dare to go outdoor. How did my grandson managed to be outdoor in ordinary clothes at 5 deg C in Auckland recently? It was his first time meeting the cold weather anywhere.
Yeah teach them how to test the temperature. If your elbow cant bear the temperature, dont ever put your baby inside. She will be scalded.
Internet savvy? Not really la Rita, with that kind of programs, it is built in the program that you are to invite another user thus popularising it even more. When you have been using the net as long as I have, I get all sort of invites from friends to share them. I am not sure if ICQ is still being used. I guess its less popular because it uses the number consisting of 8 digits which not many people can remember. I am lucky I got a number which I can remember forever even if I didnt use since say 7 yrs ago?
Have you replied to my friend's email?
Thanks for the wish. Have a good weekend yourself.

Rita Ho said...

I have not received any email from your mysterious friend yet, Zawi. I am looking out for it though and will reply once I get it. :)

Zawi said...

Case solved. Elemetary my dear Watson.

david santos said...

Zawi, Please!

Send an email to the Brazil embassj your country and repor the injustice that the brazilian courts are making with this girl

Thank you

The resignation is to stop the evolution. (David Santos in times without end)

David Santos

Zawi said...

David Santos,
I will do the needful.
Thank you.

chiabh said...

hi zawi...

it is indeed enlightening to read your blog and your skills in handling babies at such tender age... i certainly do share your attachment to your baby grandchild... my first grandson was born on new year day and he is approaching 11 months of age... however, he lives in singapore, and not too far for us to meet up... i occasionally do drop into singapore to cuddle him or when he comes back in kuala lumpur...

i have been considering of going to kota baru this month but due to the impeding monsoon, has decided to postpone it to maybe march or april next year (after the monsoon)... don't wanna be caught in the ensuring floods)...

i have taken note of your dates in puchong and labu... may just drop in for coffee one day while you are here... is your house within walking distance of the labu komuter station... do drop me a line at vt on your schedule...


Zawi said...

Thank you for dropping by and those kind words
Only a grandfather will understand the feeling of another towards a grandchild.
Dont be unduly worried about the monsoon. Act like the locals and take the monsoon in stride. Sometimes can be fun to come during the monsoon unless you are visiting Perhentian or the other islands which maybe closed during the monsoon. I have once taken round a foreign guest around Kelantan and she enjoyed the situation though it was flooding. The flood here are often gradual and expected and often without strong water currents in the flooded area. If you are flying over, its all the more reason not to be worried.
Just keep in touch so that when I am around Kl we will meet up. I will fetch u wherever you are so that we can have coffee somewhere. I wont have conveyance while in Puchong but no problem when I am in Labu. How about Shah Alam? Aint it any nearer to you? I will email my phone number so that we can keep in touch. Check your VT mail.

Puteri said...

My parents felt the same way when my brothers moved out of the house to live in their own houses. The house was so quiet without children living in it.

Re U.Lee's posts, try this link. It's a sentimental and touching story.

Kak Teh said...

aaah, sweet but also heartwrenching. How can one be apart from our loved ones? Our first born is contemplating leaving the nest...I can only sob silently into my pillow at night.

Congratulations to the grandparents - am sure they will visit regularly.

Zawi said...

Thank you for visiting and above all for the link to U Lee's posting. Hope it works thsi time.
Any seperation is sad. When you are so used to haveing someone around and suddenly they are no more around. It just feel so empty especially when we are at the tail end of our life's journey. Of course our children would want to live in their own house as the freedom it offers will be another experience itself.

Zawi said...

kak teh,
Did you say you are going to experience the same thing soon? Sob.Sob.
On the visit home, I guess it will be the other way round will be more like it, we will be visiting them regularly. Usually its the parents that will miss the children and grandchildren more and financially it will cost much less for us to visit them because there are only the two of us against a family each of them.
Thanks to AirAsia, the new no frills airlines that makes air travel affordable. I will try to get them to advertise on my blog soon...for free hahahahaha as a token of gratitude to them.

Mat Salo said...

Alaa, cute nye gambar kaki Balqiss dgn gelang kaki yg 'doting grandma' dia kasi tu..

Few months back, during 2nd term hols actually, I brought my family up to KT (sorry lah Bang tak sampai KB). So in Dungun we bought a similar looking gelang kaki for our 18-month old Alesha... which reminds me of our only daughter, and I know what it means to miss someone... But that gelang kaki lost somewhere in Cameron Highland two weekends back.. *sigh*

You are a GREAT grandpa 'Bang, and your grandkids and kids are so lucky to have you!

Zawi said...

mat salo,
Sayang nye gelang kaki Alesha hilang. The one on Balqiss's leg cost us almost RM500. Which means you must have lost at least that much. Get Alesha another bigger and stronger one so that it wont break off next time. Buy it in Kelantan the next time you come here. Tok Ma said the gold in Kelantan is a better quality. Thats why the Sultan of Brunei shops for his gold ornaments in Kota Bharu.
Me a great grandpa? Thank you. Hopefully my grandchildren will realize that I am such when they grow up later. At the moment we only see each other once in a blue moon and as such they are not really aware of us.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

salam zawi,

This is a beautiful entry. I love it...something I can relate to.

I have three grandchildren whose ages range from one - eight years.

They're my joy. I love looking after them... spoling them. (After all arent we, grandparents, supposed to do that, right?).

Just leave the disciplining to their parents. Lol!

I must say, you're one hell of a grandpa. I've never heard or known of any grandpa mandikan cucu "dalam hari". My husband loves kids, tapi he's scared to carry a new-born. Too fragile, he says. And here you are relating to us how you took care of baby Nur Aqila Balqis.

Zawi said...

Kak Ton,
Yes, most grandparents are guilty of spoiling the grandchildren. Unfortunately I was spared from being spoilt by my grandfather though I was living with him during my primary schooldays. My grandfather was a strict discilinarian and I was scared of crossing him thouh I know he loves me very much. I have some stories about him indicating his love for me but he had never shown it using words. All by deeds. Thanks for visiting Kak Ton.
Come December I will be able to attend one of those MRT at your place. Do I need to book for a place? By then I guess so many bloggers will be heading towards your home when Tuesday comes around.

Puteri said...


Re U.Lee's blog, try this link. It is not complete but quite a lot of his posts is found here.

Read esp,

Please don't cry for me

A New Year Eve to Remember

I want my mummy

My tears never dry for you.

Sure, nangis if you read these stories! :-) Use IE instead of Firefox .. the pages display more correctly.

Zawi said...

How to say thank you to you?
I will just courtesy to you Ok?

Mior Azhar said...

Pak Zawi,
Balqiss looks like an angel..And I'm amazed that you still mandikan cucu dalam hari. What a great grad dad, you are.I used to do that when my girls were still babies but I don't think I've the desire to do that anymore...not even with cucu. But then again manaler tahu panjang umur, murah rezeki, I'll be just like you.

Zawi said...

Thanks for the nice words about Balqiss.
Wait till you get to my age and all the children and grandchildren are staying faraway from you. You will long for them and will do anything to have them back with you. You may not feel it cos your own children are staying near you so you have easy access to the grandchildren.
When loneliness seeps in and tug at your hearstring, you will feel like flying to be with them.

Hanafi Mohd Noor said...

You will see her again. InsyaAllah. Comel sangat. Kecik kecik dah mancung hidung.

J.T. said...

Hi Zawi

Just dropping by to say hello. I have to say that this is a beautiful post. It speaks volumes of your love for your family.

Take care.

J'da said...

Kg Kasa pak....same kg with wakil rakyat AF (initial only).. u know who i was referrring to..

Zawi said...

hanafi hohd noor,
Thanks for dropping bye. Yes I will get to see her again ofcourse. InsyaAllah it wont be long.
Thanks for the kind words about Balqiss. Her father Lokman thought her nose was too flat at birth. After a months the nose took a better shape and now he is happy about it. No need to pull it la.

Zawi said...

What took you so long to drop by to say hello. Thanks for liking the post.
Don't we all love our family?

Zawi said...

I know the man. He was made famous when he uttered those silly comments. My house id just 3 doors away from his that is if you include the musalla infront of his home. Walk over to my place the next time you pay homage to him.

Hantu Laut said...


It's a joy to have grandchildren,the feeling is similar as when we had our first born, our own flesh and blood.My first granddaughter is now 3 years old and my daughter is again pregnant with her second child.As with the first one she came over from the Solomon Islands to deliver the baby in Malaysia.The medical facilities in Solomon is still way behind us.They are there for three years as the husband is working for the UN.

I don't think I can write as well as you did to describe the bundle of joy, your newly born granddaughter and the joy and happiness she brought to your household.

It's a great feeling to have granchildren around the house.Like you, me and my wife live on our own and our house would feel empty the moment they leave to go back to their own homes.

I have linked your blog to mine and hope you could do likewise.Many thanks.

Zawi said...

Hantu Laut,
Its nice to know that somebody out there shared my feeling about grandchildren. We are in the same boat so ofcourse we understand the feeling. Your case is even worse. They are soooooo farrrrrrrrrrr awaaaaaaay. My furthest is just Labuan and accessible by no frills airlines too.
Thank you for linking me. I am honoured and I will do likewise.

Frankensteina said...

Oh my she is soooo tembam :D

I understand your feeling. My niece just went back to Penang after spending a month with us. My Mom and Dad are the ones mostly affected by absence as they were the ones who took care of her.

Zawi said...

Yes she is very tembam. Look at the neck. She has a double chin. But soon all will be gone when she starts to expend more energy when she start crawling. The mother told us that she is trying to flip on her stomach now but was hindered by her heavy butt.
See it is not only me and my wife that are affected by the seperation, your mum and dad too. Balqiss was 2 months with us. Thats why we miss her so much.

Zawi said...

I forgot to thank you for visiting. Thanks again.

tokasid said...

Salam Pok Zawi:

Subhanallah. Balqiss is sooo very cute. She's gonna grow up and be a beauty.

A grandpa bathing the cucu? I haven't heard or seen that done for a very long time.Usually its the grandma, but I guess grandma had to go to school,right?

The action of bathing and powdering and putting on their nappies and clothes on is the act of love that one performed with tenderness and joy. And this will linger in one's memories for a very long time.
I hope I will still be around to be able to just that to my cucu( maybe another 10 long years).

Maybe its a good idea if U need to move to KL to be near your children and grandchildren. And when U miss Pasir Mas, you can always make a trip back and stay a few weeks in PM.

I think the next time you see Balqiss, she'll be bertakteh already.

TQ Pok zawi for sharing with us.

Zawi said...

Thanks for the kind words about Balqiss.
You too can do the same. Start doing it with your own children and the joy of doing it can be continued with the grandchildren alter.
About the move to KL, I am all for it. It can be seriously considered after my wife retires. My daughter has a soon to be completed aparment unit somewhere in Subang Jaya. We will just take up the unit and give it a try. Only problem is my wife loves our present home so much and has decorated it with items from our first home in Johor way back in 1973 when we were just married. We were married at a young age of 23 and she at 21. (Now the mystery of how I managed to be a grandfather of 6 at the age of 57 is solved ok?)
Labuan aint that far really. If the heart yearns so strong, I may go over to see her much earlier. I will be in KL for a month this coming school holidays. Nothing can stop me from flying to Labuan over weekends while I am there hehehe.

J'da said...

I never pay a visit to Kg Kasa before...(passed by may be...)..
I happened to know HIS first two daughters (Firxxxx and Faxxx).. but lost contact for many, many years...

when aunt's going to retire, how many years to go?

Zawi said...

Next year will be auty's last year of service. 2009 will be the beginning of our travels cos by then we can just pick any dates off the school holiday seasons to get chaep packes. Travel the world so to speak hahahaha.

Hantu Laut said...

Sorry for the late response.Just want to thank you for the link.I look forward to your next story.

Meanwhile, I have urged people not to participate in the proposed march on Saturday,10th November in my latest post 'Civil Disorder'.I am a voice in the wilderness, but I just try it anyway.Hopefully, other sensible bloggers will spread the news around.

I feel the action of some provocateurs may jeopardise the peace and harmony of our beloved nation.