Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Death of Nurin Jazlin

Nur Alia Jazleen

I have two grand daughters from my eldest daughter Azura. The older one is 7 years old and named as Nor Alia Jazleen almost similar to Nurin Jazlin. The news of Nurin Jazlin being found murdered shocked me as if it was my own grand daughter was involved. The same thing could happen to her since she is living around KL, the city that is producing shock after shocks of missing children or even their death due to criminal acts.

In the case of Nurin Jazlin, the shock was followed by the worry on the possible involvement of alongs with the case. The police's suspicion that there is a connection of the whole drama with the despicable alongs must have some bearing to it. Ask yourself the question why should the murderer(s) place her body in a bag and place it somewhere to be found? Ain't it easier for them just to dump the body somewhere where it is more difficult to find and hope that it will never be found? Any murderer as in the case of Altantuya tried to hide the biggest piece of evidence of the murder by obliterating the body. If no body was found, the case can't even be classified as murder. It will remain classified as a missing person until the remains is found. The method of obliterating the evidence differs. Some stupid murderer(s) prefers the C4. Maybe they wanted to feel more sophisticated.

Alongs are as much a menace to society as the drug scourge. They will stop at nothing when they wanted to teach borrowers who defulted on the repayment after softer approach didn't seem to work for them. Remember the splashing of red paints on the house of borrowers who couldn't pay? Breaking of car windsceens are the other tactics used to instil fear in the defaulting borrowers. Exhorbitant interest rate will ensure the borrowers remain perpetually indebted to them even after substantial repayments had been made. It is hard times for the poorer folks when prices of most essential things went up and continue rising. When in need of instant easy cash where else can they turn to other than the friendly alongs?

To those who can produce payslips, or income tax return, they can always apply for credit cards and become a perpetual a borrower when only the minimal repayment of 5 percent is made monthly. The lucky few maybe fortunate enough to have a small fortune drop from the sky in the form of a winning from gambling. (Even Datuk Hamdan Adnan doesnt qualify for a credit card inspite of making substantial monthly income).

The habitual gamblers are the most frequent borrower from along. To satisfy their gambling habit they borrow money in the hope of being lucky at the next attempt and win enough to recoup their earlier losses and pay off the alongs as well. But that rarely happens. More often than not they will lose their all.

Without any need for real collateral, the alongs instill fear in their borrowers. The borrowers life and that of their loved ones are actually the collateral. Once in a while they will do something nasty to teach the recalcitrant borrower a lesson. At the same time the other borrowers will also take heed that not paying up is not worth it. It is very rare that anyone will go to police for help. The most they would do is to see Michael Chong of MCA to help negotiate for an extention or a reduction on the total amount due since the balance continue to double itself with time. It is really amazing that this man is able to convince the alongs to be considerate with all borrowers who approached him for help when they are in difficulties keeping up with the payments.

The government has declared that the alongs are doing illegal business and thus is flouting the law. Yet the business seems to flourish. Look on every lamposts, tree trunks and whatever have you, there will be a phone number that can lead you to an along. Since they are so visible, is it any wonder that they cant be traced and brought to book? Are our laws adequate to address this problem?

The police should pursue their suspicion on the involvement of alongs in the case of Nurin Jazlin. They should also pursue any other angles that they think are worth pursuing. Definitely one of them will lead to the killer. No ordinary criminal will keep their victim for so long before killing them. The longer they are kept alive, the more the chances of them to be caught. The alongs may want to torture their victim first to induce their borrowers to pay up. The theory of the alongs involvement maybe just a hunch of the police. It may not be the reason at all. In the absence of any other motive other than sexual abuse, this hunch must be pursued.

To the family of Nurin Jazlin condolence is all that I can offer and to Nurin herself I will recite the AlFatihah at all of my prayers. Allah will take care of you my child.


Anonymous said...

This is a tragedy that has captured the heart of the nation. I would have expected to hear something from Pak Lah, as PM and home minister... so far nothing. Guess he may still be waiting for a report.

Pak Zawi said...

Nothing will change as long as the PM has no will to fight the various ails in this country. These are the root cause of the problems in Malaysia, illegal immigrants, drugs, prostitution, money laundering, gambling and alons. They are interrealated with each other and probably carried out by the same syndicates.
The Kingpins are so powerful and walk along the same path of those people in the corridors of power. He wont be able to make any statement as he has no idea how to takle the crime situation of Malaysia. Its so entrenched and the kingpin has a stranglehold on the people in power.

Tunku Halim said...

Drugs are the greatest scourge in society. It causes so much heartache and crime. Gambling too. This is a sad and tragic event.

Tunku Halim said...

BTW, you've got an excellent blog. I've blog rolled you, let me know if you mind.

Pak Zawi said...

tunku halim,
Thanks for visiting. I am most honoured to be on your blog roll. Will be dropping by your blogsite as often as possible. I like the comments and the crowd in your blog. Maybe we are moving within the same circle of friends. Thinking of getting my hand on one of your books. Horror stories dont excite me. Sentimental stories does tickle my taste bud. Which book of yours will you recconmend?

J.T. said...

Hi Zawi

We have no idea which devil incarnate committed such a heinous crime. What caused that sick person to behave in such a way? We can only guess.

Each time I hear of such crimes happening in Malaysia, I fear for my niece who is 10 years old. My old neighbourhood which was so safe before is not anymore. Snatch thieves and buglars roam our streets now. Police aren't doing much over there that private security companies are now making their rounds (and money) in some residential areas.

I agree that the root cause of the problems are illegal immigrants (they make up for most crimes that happen in my neighbourhood in Klang) as well as the other factors you mentioned in your comment to Ashraf.

The sad part is it seems that kingpins have more power than the people in power.

Poor little Nurin. May she rest in peace. Maybe her case will get some people to wake up and do something soon. I hope it does not get treated like the other cases - after a while, it is forgotten.

Pak Zawi said...

The security situation is so bad now that we dont trust the police anymore to maintain security. The whole force is perceived by most to be corrupted to the core. Thus they more or less seem to be serving the underworld kingpins more more anything else. To say that they are gangsters in uniform is not too far from the truth.

They dont seem to be around much. Their presence is not felt. When we meet any of one them doing the round, they are perceived to be on the look out for offences that can be induced to make people pay them off. It is not for nothing that Tun Hanif himself to make his opinion heard that a major section of the very force that he once headed is corrupted. Since the chief is also corrupted what more can u expect from the rank and file?

The government's action in increasing their salary higher than the other departments in the government is a futile excercise. Its like rewarding them for doing a bad job.

There are some good policemen of course. Unfortunately the good ones are so few. They feel out of place when are working among the crooked ones. The good ones tend to leave the force cos they fear themselves to be sucked up into the corrupted system.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zawi,

I dont know that you are a grandfather. Always thought you are younger. My mistake, please forgive me.

Whilst its logical to entertain few theories on Nurin's death, without substantial evidence to prove it - it remains a theory.

Lawyers rely largely on the evidence from the crime scene or lack thereof if they are looking for acquittal. Having said all these, I have never done a single criminal case in my entire practice!

But I just to agree with you that PL is not doing enough. If you ask me, I think the police force is literally sleeping!

Or they are busy writing tickets by the roadside as opposed to preventing crime.

Alas, mine is a small voice of opinion. Hardly make a difference at all.

But I am hopeful. I long for my generation to come to roam free in the neighbourhood without fear.

p/s: I just update my blog and include you in my links. I sincerely hope that you dont mind. Sorry, I didnt ask for your permission first.

Selamat berbuka puasa in errr, about 7 more hours.

Anonymous said...

Reading the first paragraph of my own comment, I cringed in disgust!

I didnt mean you are old by having grandchildren. Ah, you know what I mean...

Take care

trueblue said...

I remembered when I was a little girl (about 9), I was asked by my mum to go to the kedai runcit in the neighbourhood. At the time, the danger of going alone never occured to her. I guess things were pretty safe back then. Nowadays, no way am I gonna let my daughter walk to the shops alone. She's only 4 now but still even if she's a bit bigger, no wayyyyyyy... Too much danger out there!

Anonymous said...

Tunku Halim,

Greatest scourge of society is corruption and this is in the Quran.

Chapter 11 (Al Hud) verse 117:
Why, then, were there not among the generations before you persons possessed of understanding, who would have forbidden corruption in the earth, except a few among them whom We saved? But the wrongdoers pursued the enjoyment of the good things which they were given in plenty, and they became guilty.

Chapter 28 (Al qisas), verse 84:

This is the home of the Hereafter. We give it to those who seek not self-exaltation in the earth, nor corruption. And the good end is for the righteous.

Chapter 30 (Al Rumm) verse 42

Corruption have spread on land and sea because of what men's hands has wrought, that He may make them taste the fruit of some of their doings, so that they may turn back from evil.

by the way do stop by MindaCergas to read peoples reactions to IGP's comments that Nurin's parents may be arrested if found negligent....


Pak Zawi said...

God conferred me my datukship 7 years ago at the age of 50. Now God has confirmed my Datukship 6 times over when my youngest daughter delivered Nur Aqilah Balqis 49 days ago. This is something I am very proud of and dont be unduly worried about your first paragraph :).
Anyway welcome to my humble abode. I am most honoured to be on your link in your esteemed blog. I have never failed to visit it at least once a day. Now I may have to visit it even more just to confirm that it is really my blogsite that is on your link. Since that is not a mirage I will have to post more quality articles to justify the treatment by you. It will be quite difficult for someone like me whose only claim to a university education is from the University of Life.
Dont worry about permission from me, I didnt ask you either and I thought everyone is free to provide such links to someone else blogsite. Do I really have to ask their permission? (Ignorance sometimes give you some leeway on certain things but now that i come to know about it, I will have to approach the blog owner individually. Need to learn some ethics of blogging).
On a serious note I agree indeed that roaming around even in the village like what Datuk Lat did in his younger days will be a thing of extreme luxury for the youngs in the future. Should they be gone missing their parents will be charged for negligence.

Elviza, selamat berbuka puasa from a young 57 years old grandfather of 6 grandchildren.

Pak Zawi said...

Please make your own appraisal of the safety situation in your area. Being too cautious can curtail the mental development of our children. Too strict an act can only result into a state of overdependency on the parents even when they grow up. There will come a time when they have to be on their own.
All of my own 4 children left our home in Gua Musang to join a boarding school either in Machang or Kota Bharu. Should your children face the same fate as mine, they will have a tough time making adjustments with their life away from home.
Do think about it.

Pak Zawi said...

Anonymous (Ashraf),
Thanks for enlightening me on the references in the Holy Quran. It is great to know that it is specifically mentioned there on the subject of corruption. A true muslim who is God fearing wont be involved in corruption. It is sometimes silly for us to treat with reverence certain figures who are known to be corrupted. Such is our own hypocrisy in life.

trueblue said...

The reason I was really worried is because I'm also living near the Wangsa Maju area. So, I can't help getting a bit paranoid.

But having said all that, it doesn't mean I'm gonna shut her out from the outside world. I just want to be extra careful and try not to let her wander off alone.

Lee said...

Hello Zawi, terima kaseh seribu for visiting me. How you found my place? Yellow pages? Ha ha. Just kidding.
It is so sad to read about the mentioned young girl.
This kind of sick madness happens here too. My prayers go to the family of the young girl you named. Kesian betul, so young. I hope the relevant authorities apprehend whoever and do the necessary.
Zawi, I read your profile re your interest in bicycles and motor cycles.
Some of my previous post had mentions of the bikes I owned long ago in Malaysia, 2 Ducati's, a Norton 500cc Twin as well a Yamaha 250 Twin (this one in England).
I love motorbikes, but I guess now aproaching my Twilight Zone, I'll stick to my present Lincoln V8 car, ha ha.
Once again, thank you for the kind visit, you keep well, Zawi. Oh ya, since you too retired, please call me Lee. Best regards, Lee.

Pak Zawi said...

Dear Lee,
Hopped on to your blog via j.t's Curve. Love your site on first sight.
Actually I just rebuilt an old Suzuki scrambler 100 cc model. I found it at a closed plywood factory in Gua musang. Bought it for RM400 and spent some money to make it operable. Nothing of the kind that you have.
Some ten years back I rebuilt a '66 Volvo 122S. Did the dismantling and myself but had the empty body shell repainted. The engine was overhauled by a workshop. It was in working condition and could do the tonne in mph! Unfortunately I couldnt keep this car for long. My house had too small a space for 2 cars and since i wasnt home much then, my wife had problem shuffling the cars in and out of the garage. It was sold to a friend in KL and he spent a small fortune refurbishing the car further. He promised to sell the car back to me if he wish to sell it.
The bicycle thing is a new hobby I picked up recently. There is a flood of used bicycles from Japan. The better ones like the Bridgestones, Miyata and some others were made in Japan while the rest were made in China. Nevertheless they are of higher quality than those that are made in Malaysia. The bikes come in all sort of rustic level. Some are almost brand new while some are very rustic. Due to the good quality material used they can be repolished to their old glory. I bought some 10 bikes of various kinds. 20" wheel Folding bikes, racing bikes, roadbike, city bikes are some of what I have. One beauty is a female city bike by Bridgestone for my wife. This is a poor man's hobby befitting my status as a retiree. Only that I am very handy and have all sort of tools at my disposal.
This hobby is just something that I have to do to fill up my time when I am tirek at poking at the pc's keyboard which is becoming my first hobby.
Wishing you the best in life. Have a good day my friend.

Zuera said...

Well, I definitely won't let both of my daughthers even walk to school. When I was small, my friends and I walked distance just to attend the school activities in the evening. No more safer place in our country nowadays. I wish my daughters enjoy the privilege that I had when I was small dad. I guess nothing is the same anymore.....

Lee said...

Hello Zawi, we are exactly 12 hours BEHIND you at Pasir Mas. Woke early this morning, half hour ago and lepas my Maxwell House Kopi and suda tarok api to my pipe, I masuk sini.
I noticed you were born 9 years after me, ha ha.
So thrilled to read of your Volvo 122s. Love that car. I remember my times in KL when that model was raced in Batu Tiga races at Shah Alam against the Alfa Romeo's. I owned three Alfa Romeo's those days, one after another of course as my work involved travelling.
Used to go to Kelantan every two weeks and stayed at Perdana Hotel. At nights popped over to the pasar malams for ayam percik dinner. I would come from KL to Penang, then Alor Star then via Grik, the E/W highway to Jeli and Kota Bahru. Was very familiar with Betong (where Tunku had a chat with Chin Peng, used to stop there for coffee every other week chatting with the locals), Pasir Mas, Kuala Krai and Gua Musang. Used to stay at that small hotel up a hill in Kuala Krai in the 80's.
Or I come via Kuala Kangsar, Lenggong, then Grik to KB. I remember I hit a chicken crossing the road at 7am that Lenggong straight stretch at over 100mph one day. Dared not come along that road for three months after that, arhaa ha ha.
Many times those days I would arrive at the Grik police/military checkpoint a few minutes before curfew starts on the E/W highway and they roll the barbwire across the road.
Then yours truly here would be doing 120+MPH along the beautiful, empty h/way. It was just sheer ecstasy hearing the sounds of my modified Alfa echoing around the mountains and enjoying the fast, sweeping bends.
WoW! You are good with your hands re restoring cars and bikes, bicycles. Good for you.
I never missed going to Pantai Cinta Berahi too.
Oh ya, way back in the 70's even had a couple of lovely Kelantan Malay girlfriends, ha ha.
Kelantan, Trengganu hold lots of memories for me, and thus quite a few of my previous postings mentioned my times there.
I am thrilled to know you, Zawi and hope kita boleh buka cherita once awhile.
Happy Rahamdhan to you and family.
Keep well, Zawi, Lee.
PS, One day after a heavy rain I doing 100+ along the E/W h'way suddenly saw 3/4 of the road missing, it had dropped down from an should have seen my Alfa climb up the hill slope 60' angle, collecting lallang, various fauna and skidding back down. Had to stop for 15 minutes to calm my shattered nerves, ha ha. The boy in KB charged me 15 Rgt to wash my car, never seen a car completely covered in red mud and wild fauna, ha ha. Lee.

Pak Zawi said...

Azura (Long),
Now I understand why you wouldnt let Liz cycle to school despite the short distance.
Come back for Raya. Selamat berpuasa. Take good care of your children. Cant imagine how we will cope up should anything happen to our lovely Liz and Az.

Pak Zawi said...

You live in Wangsa Maju? Cant blame you if you were to feel paranoid. Do what you deem is best for your children.
8.00 PM news another two children killed in a bloody murder. My God, what is happening to our country?
PM wants to extend schooling hours to 4 pm. Its normal in US I heard. Dunno if it will be well acepted here.

Pak Zawi said...

You really travelled all over Malaysia. What business were u in then? Seem to me to be like the sales line. Hardware? agro? medical? Those are my 3 guesses.
You must had quite a life back then. Till the early 80's Gua Musang was still the sin town. You name it they have it.
Do come back to Kelantan and you can relived the the life you had before. I will take you around. Some of your old buddies must still be around. Just give me their names and address so I can look them up. So by the time you come back, I can take you direct to them. Lots more new hotels being built. Since you have stayed in Perdana, you can always go back to the place. Unfortunately the bar is not there anymore.
Talking about the near plunge, you should thank God for creating the Alfa Romeo. I dunno what would have happened to you if you were in a flimsier Japanese car travelling at that speed.
I have yet to explore your blogsite. Give me time and I will read all of them. I have only skimmed the newer ones. I guess there is alot of your old stories that people like me can relate to.
Have a good day my friend.

Lee said...

Hi Zawi, I'm free now. As retired. My isteri still working. I fool around the stock market, make a few dollars now and then, chari makan, ha ha.
I read your comments above re Malaysia interested in having school hours till 4pm? Here in Canada its up to 3pm. Start at 9am.
Regret to read another bad murder in Malaysia?
From what I read, hear on the BBC news, Malaysia seems to be having quite abit of serious crimes going on. Hope the authorities can do something soon.
I am happy to know someone like you in Kelantan and very impressed with your postings and eloquence and your mechanical hobbies.
I can see you are a real gentleman too, ha ha.
Re my kind of work and friends, as this is an open channel, as well I have posted quite a few old days memories, it would not be nice I mention names and actual locations. Better to remain incognito, ha ha.(Thank you for your kind invitation.
I on my next balek kampong will certainly make a trip around the country for memories, and will let you know, we can duduk kedai kopi buka cherita. Ha ha.
I used to enjoy sitting at kedai kopis with my pak cik friends shoot the breeze. If you read my earlier postings, I grew up with Malay friends, even stayed in their kampongs too.)
I was involved in quite a few major projects back then, as consultant, representative, Corporate GM for Far East operations as well trouble shooter for some International companies involved. To name a few projects I was involved, Kenyir dam, E/W Highway, North South H/way, Alor Star Dam and tower line projects, Penang bridge, Segamat h/way etc etc.
Was familiar with mining, logging, construction, civil works then. And travelled extensively to Singapore and practically every corner of East and West Malaysia.
I remember sometimes taking the last flight out of KB airport at about midnight if delays.
Most times will be in Singapore by 9am for meetings, then afternoon in Penang, evening in KB, return last flight or stay at Perdana, or if Trengganu, Primula hotel.
Used to go deep sea fishing at P. Perhentian, Redang, and my favourite Island Pulau Kapas. Those days P. Kapas was deserted and would camp there near the well. (There is a small picture of me at my previous posting, 'sombody making love on the beach', in red t-shirt). Incidentally I'm a 6'1" fellow, and now weigh 195 pounds, but not bonchet with big tummy, as I keep myself fit, ha ha.
You know Zawi, I was from KL, but have always loved Kelantan and Trengganu, as well Penang. Love the friendly Kelantanese folks, though at first had problems understand your strong Kelantan accent, arhaaa ha ha.
The food in Kelantan with your special ingredients and spices, the aroma was out of this world! Sure miss them. Lee.
ps, re the bar at Perdana, yes, a friend told me sometime back. I'll take your lemang, nasi dagang, ikan percik anytime, ha ha. L.

zewt said...

hahah... c4... more complicated... haha!

anyway, this ah long ruckus... the govt said they will wipe them out once and for all... yeah right... a load of bull really.

Pak Zawi said...

Read your story about Donna. Almost shed a tear for her. Such a compelling story.
My apologies for thinking and insinuating you as an agro or hardware marketing executive. Most people that traverse the country via road that much are usually in that line. Since your line is multiple fields including logging, mining, constructions it was only proper that you drive because you wont want to miss looking at the dollar signs on the tree trunks along the highway. I guess you are familiar with Gua Musang's ex timber tycoon by the name of Malik Chua? Another logger is Michael from Kota Bharu. I cant recall Michael's Chinese name. GM Yap is a close friend. His wife just called me yesterday cos she missed seeing my face who was a regular customer at their hardware shop when I was in service.I forgot to tell them that I am retired since Jan 2006.

Thanks for opening up to me. My life is much sedate and less colourful compared to yours. I will write something about my life as I want my children to know some stories that they dont know. My eldest daughter Azura is a reader.
Since you have done all the Islands off the east coast, I suggest that you visit them again with your family. The islands now are much develop and quickly being turned into mass tourism. The pristine state that you used to see may not be there for very long. Dead and dying corals are the signs of deteriorating condition.
The jungles are damaged beyond repair. Logging legal and illegal was so rampant that timber of less than 8 in diameter were taken. The locals need only to use an axe and parang to clear up the jungle for planting rubber or orchards. The rivers suffered too. The pristine Nenggiri River which was my playing ground is always yellowish with silt. Thanks to the opening up of Lojing for higland agriculture. The yellow river will be a permanent feature.
Hey I need to save some stories for us to meet up and 'buka cerita'. That will be enough for appetizer.

Pak Zawi said...

Did the government said they want to wipe out alongs? Didnt hear that. Would they dare? Along is big business and owned by the kingpins of Malaysia. The rest are runners. Only the runners are known to the borrowers. Fear is the tactic used to compell the borrower to pay up. Loan shark is a better business than the drug business. Less risk of getting caught and if caught the law enforcer is more lenient on them. They are loaded with money and in the event of being caught they can pay off and let off easier. The borrower dont have any tell tale sign that they borrowed money from along compared to drug addicts.
If the government cant control more serious crime, how can they control along?

Lee said...

Hello Zawi, thanks for your reply, but I guess I'll remain incognito re names and places in view of my many memories posting, ha ha.
I read your posting re "alongs" and thought it was a typo error, but your Oxford English very good, cannot be typo, so please enlighten me what actually is 'alongs'. I read your reply to Zewt. Very interesting.
Wow, sounds like those guys are like the Mafia, huh?
Here we had the 'Hell's Angels'...few murders and shootings now and then till our RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) cracked down with several raids at their clubs etc. Now all quiet as the kepalas having free food and lodging at her Majesty's expense at the big house.
I think the authorities in your Negeri really got to crack down before things get worst if it is not already.
Oh ya, re the Islands I used to go camping and deep sea fishing, they were practically deserted apart from some kampongs.
And the forests? I heard even the KSK's (kawasan suda kerjah) pun was I think a article here about the jungles of SEA and Thailand, Malaysia has lost a lot of good jungle. Pity. I used to enjoy the pristine rivers at Taman Negara and the Kelasa really wild. Or the monster Tomans at Kenyir Dam. Today I heard from my friends, if lucky might catch a 25 pounder.
I had a 60 pounder there once, on a 30 pound line, took me stengah jam get that fellow out, but later released him.
Here in Canada we practice take what you can eat and release the rest, or 'catch and release'.
You have a nice day, Zawi.

Pak Zawi said...

Respect your wish to have names of your friends to remain incognito. Threw the names around to see if you know any of those peoples in Gua Musang.
Alongs is the corrupted word from 'Ah Long' the local word for loan shark. It is so common now in Malaysia and their presence is visible anywhere via fliers or phone numbers pasted on every available space along streets. So much so that phone numbers of plumbers and electricians becomes obscure. Alongs have replaced the chettiars because alongs dont require any collaterals. Your life and your family's lives are the only collateral. Intimidations by breaking car windscreen or splashing of red paint on your properties are common tactics to scare off defaulters.
We have our own version of 'Hells Angel' only that they are called 'Mat Rempit'. Only difference is they ride small souped up machines since they cant afford the big Harleys of The Hells Angels. These Mat rempits can perform stunts too which definitely cant be done by the Hells Angel like doing a wheelie, riding with the body lying flat on the bike seat, have a girl pillion rider bent backward till the crash helmet touches the metal road when the fron rider do a wheelie. Beside that they do street racings, move when the traffic light is red impeding the flow of traffic who has the green light. Moving in big numbers of 50's or even 100's scares the shit out of the police. Dont make any remark on them or they will set on you like a pack of hungry hyenas. Inspite of such despicable act they are rewarded with an all expense paid trip by the taxpayers to The North pole parachuting from a plane. We dont mind paying for it if the chutes are dummy and wont open up when they jump down. It would be considered a worthy cause to reduce their numbers.
I feel sorry for the fresh water anglers. I used to take people for catch and release fishing in Taman Negara Kuala Koh, on the Kelantan side. There were big kelah there. I doubt there many big ones anymore. Fortunately there is a dedicated Taman Negara Merapoh Officer who started a successful Kelah sanctuary immediately near the Kelantan border. An avid angler like you will drool at the sight of Kelahs being fed at feeding time. Come to Kelantan and I will show you.
Hey I didnt know I was using Oxford English, I thought it was just English. How I love to hear Yahya Long Chik read the news in impeccable Oxford English.
Good night my friend.

NaNa said...

Dear Zawi,

What happened to Nurin is definitely a tragedy that shocked most of us. I learned something from it.. never let a child go anywhere alone.

I told my 6 year old daughter about what happened to Nurin (minus the grossy stuffs.. of course) and her response was "Mama, why did she go to the pasar malam alone?"

Thank God, my daughter knows that she's not supposed to go anywhere alone.

Let's pray and hope that what happened to Nurin will not happen anybody else. It's so heart-wrenching.

Pak Zawi said...

Thanks for visiting.
Given the circumstances I dont think child was to be blamed. The people there had felt safe all these while. It was mentioned somewhere that the parents did ask Nurin to be accompanied by a sister only that Nurin herself asked her sister to let her go alone. Such is fate. Anyway what can another little girl do against the might of an adult?
It is good that your daughter feel the danger of things around her and thus she will be more careful. You would feel more at ease with a thinkking child like that.